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More Than a Garden Centre

Here at Verge, our services extend further than our exceptional shop prices.

Garden Design & Softscape Installations

We are Perth’s most sophisticated softscape solutions service, and provide full garden designs, consults, and installations.

Our extensive experience in the design, landscaping, and horticultral industry equips us with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about your garden.

Our specialisation lies within in creating classy, low-maintenance spaces that thrive in WA’s climate. We meticulously tailor each our designs to suit the specific requirements of your area.

Want your Softscapes done by Verge?
Send us some photos of your area, and let the experts do the rest.

Pot Ensembles and Installations

Whether it’s the final addition to your dream alfresco, to bring life into the work environment, or just a gift to yourself, our pot ensembles make a classy statement in any circumstance.

Our installation goes beyond simply placing pots – it’s about transforming your area into a captivating, welcoming environment. With attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, our installations ensure that every ensemble maximised visual impact and creates a lasting impression.